Plastic Town

This book is about the love and hate affair we all have with plastic. I felt a possible way forward was to harness the enthusiasm children have for looking after the planet.  Hopefully my entertaining story with a message can go someway to achieving an amount of good.

“This delightful story is a topical, fun journey aimed at children that care about the Earth. It highlights what’s good and what’s not so good about the plastic items that we all use every day. Without things made from plastic our world would be a much different place. The fun characters in the story show us that it’s not the plastic products that are at fault. It’s how they’re used and where and how they are disposed that is the problem. It also highlights a very simple solution when people take responsibility and sort out the mess. Being the first in a series, the story will give the reader an insight into how a slight change in behaviour will help everyone.”

Illustrated by: Samantha Taylor

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