Welcome to my website. 

Over many years, I have written countless poems, monologues, play scripts (some of which been performed) and short stories. They have mainly been for my and close family and friends enjoyment as I had never felt confident enough to share them with others or to publish them. this changed in 2020 when i finally plucked up the courage and contacted a publisher. They liked what i sent to them and have continued to do so. to date i’ve had four books published with two more in the pipeline.

Here you will find a selection of my writing projects. 

The Plastic People Of Plastic Town is my first published children’s book. It was released on 29th October 2020 and is the first in a series that I have set in a place called Everywhere LandThe story is a topical, fun journey aimed at children that care about the Earth. It highlights what’s good and what’s not so good about the plastic items that we all use every day. Without things made from plastic our world would be a much different place. The fun characters in the story show us that it’s not the plastic products that are at fault. It’s how they’re used and where and how they are disposed that is the problem. It also highlights a very simple solution when people take responsibility and sort out the mess. Being the first in a series, the story will give the reader an insight into how a slight change in behaviour will help everyone.


My second book is also in the Everywhere Land series and is called ‘The Dinosaur Family of Dino Town’. It was published on 29th April 2021 and is an entertaining, fun story which has a message. It’s aimed at children that understand how hurtful bullying can be. However it shows that it’s not only hurtful for those that are bullied but also what happens when the bully eventually realises how wrong it is. It highlights what’s good in people irrespective of what they have to endure. The fun characters in the story show us what good can come out of an act of help and kindness and that sometimes it’s the bully that actually needs help.

My third book is a story book called ‘Rowan’s Imaginary Adventures’ and was published on 30th June 2022. Its about an ordinary boy who like reading books, playing with his toys and daydreaming about going on adventures. But Rowan’s imagination is different, when he daydreams about places, he actually goes there! In this book, the first in the Rowan series, there’s five adventures, where he find out that not everyone and everything he meets is friendly.

My forth book if called ‘The pirate Family of Pirate Town’, is the third book in the Everywhere Land series and was published on 25th January 2024. It’s an entertaining, fun story which has a message. its aimed to show that it doesn’t matter if you have a disability or problem, you are just as important as anyone else. it also shows the good that’s in everyone and no matter what your disability everyone can be a hero.

Due to be published during this year, there’s another in the Everywhere Land series called ‘The Wizard Family of Wizard Town‘. There’s also the second in the Rowan series where Rowan finds out more about his ability and also that he might not be alone!

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